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Web Design Agency in Salt Lake City

Businesses need a website layout and design that successfully markets products or services, generates revenue and maximizes brand equity. In today’s tech-driven marketing environment, having a polished website optimized for your audience is vital.

BWP has designed and produced high-converting websites in the Salt Lake City area since our inception, and we have adapted as the medium evolved into the powerful asset it is today. Whether you need an ecommerce website or informational website, BWP has you covered.

EnerBank Web Design and Development by BWP Communications

Research-Driven UX, UI and IXD

UX, UI and IXD are the fundamental components of our process and are integrated in both our front-end and back-end design and development processes. Our focus has always been two-fold:

We are experts at UX, UI and IXD, driven by the belief that understanding the visual objective and emotional characteristics of the brand is necessary before the creative process begins. Before creating a website layout and beginning development, designers must first grasp the objective of the project and the platforms required.

UX: Optimized User Navigation

Once the objectives and tools needed are determined, we begin a strategic user-flow development process to flush-out what specific user interactions are necessary and how they interact with one another. We test every possible path a user might take and what interactions must occur on each page. Our first deliverable in the web design and development process is a user-flow map.

UI: High-Converting Website Layouts

When the user-flow map is completed, we move on to wireframes. At this point, we are still not concerned about brand or style yet, but are focused on making detailed decisions about the content flow, website layout and user interactions. Every single action and reaction initiated or performed by the user will be decided here.

IXD: Interactive Website Designs

After completing the wireframe, we move to the interaction design phase. Interaction Design is about crafting digital experiences that effectively convey a brand's story to users. Accomplishing this phase involves incorporating prototyping, testing and personas before deciding on a design and finalizing a desktop and mobile optimized website.

Choose a High-Converting Website from BWP

BWP specializes in designing and developing top-tier, mobile-optimized websites, emphasizing state-of-the-art interface design and seamless integration into clients' overall marketing strategy. Our expertise in UX, UI, and IXD ensures high conversion rates on your site. For a website that maximizes brand equity and user satisfaction, contact us today.