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Creative Agency Salt Lake City

In this era of competitive markets and advanced technology, businesses need to make themselves stand out from their competition. You need a compelling branding strategy and an interesting story to set yourself apart.

BWP offers design and creative services to elevate your brand. For 18 years, our creative agency has helped businesses in the Salt Lake City area connect with customers intimately and authentically. BWP provides all creative services necessary, from graphic design to logo design. Our creative process is broken into eight steps:

Step One: Research and Discovery

We start by embarking on intensive internal stakeholder workshops, competitive analysis and a strategic blend of consumer discovery. Then our creative agency unlocks the potential of your brand with ethnographic research, focus groups, surveys and much more.

Step Two: Strategic Ideation

We do a deep dive into the data to create customer personas, emotional maps and behavior models. The ideas developed in this process are then examined to ensure your branding strategy is economically viable, compelling and authentic.

Step Three: Brand Architecture

The next step involves taking the concepts from research and strategy and building a cohesive brand architecture and branding guide. This process involves all key members and stakeholder groups.

Step Four: Story Development

After conducting in-depth consumer research, developing a winning strategy and building an authentic brand, we move on to creating your brand story. Discovering how your brand interacts with the audience is crucial to cultivating a business.

Step Five: Stakeholder Alignment & Brand Analysis

Once again, we connect with all key stakeholders to evaluate the efficacy of your brand and story. At this phase, we reaffirm and revise the branding strategy where necessary.

Step Six: Execution & Deliverable Analysis

Execution involves expressing your brand and story across all necessary marketing channels, including website design and development, brochure design, print design, logo design, social media and more These deliverables are then tested and refined accordingly.

Step Seven: Deliverable Confirmation / Marketing Planning

Your deliverables from the previous step are compiled and presented to all stakeholder groups for further insights and revisions.The ethnographic user research methodologies from step one are implemented in this phase.

Step Eight: Implementation & Analysis

After implementing the deliverables, we track and review results to determine success. If needed, improvement tactics are implemented to increase the potency of your marketing materials. Your engagement is measured and assessed for the future.

Choose BWP as Your Creative Agency

BWP is here to transform your brand by crafting a compelling, research-based story that resonates authentically with your audience. Our team has experience in print design, brochure design, logo design and so much more. Contact us today for a design and creative partnership that ensures you stay ahead in the market.