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A Few of our Latest Projects

Station Center Salt Lake City

Revitalizing a City

Brand Development, Marketing and Advertising Campaign

BWP serves as the marketing and advertising agency for Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA) who revitalizes rundown areas of our city. We provided branding, marketing and advertising to launch a new image for the area, attract developers, and support the community. The new brand and marketing campaigns for Station Center Salt Lake City launched April 2015. Full services for this project included:

Utah Association of Counties

"Why Counties Matter"

Brand Development, Marketing and Advertising Campaign

BWP serves as the marketing and advertising agency for The Utah Association of Counties, the voice of Utah's 29 county governments. We helped the organization rebrand, develop a marketing strategy and produced advertising campaigns and explainer videos to better inform the public about county government. Recently, we created an engaging, informative and educational ad campaign anchored by TV and Radio. The campaign is based on the idea that county government plays an integral role in helping citizens by providing services that impact each of us on a daily basis. Our work with UAC includes:

High West Distillery

Hand-Crafted in Small Batches

Prudential Realestate Ad Campaign by BWP Communications

High West Distillery & Saloon

Like High West Distillery, BWP produces the highest quality creative with an emphasis on brand building, advertising and consumer-driven marketing strategies. As a full-service agency, we conduct in-depth, qualitative research to inform the strategy and guide the creative for every client, which allows us to develop brands with complexity and character. Our work is all handmade in small batches, one piece at a time. It's our belief that a hands-on approach makes a difference. Take a sip of our work and see what you think!

Launching Utah's First Distillery

When High West set out to build Utah's first saloon and distillery in Park City, (actually, the first since the 1870's), they called BWP to help them create a brand, develop advertising campaigns and launch the new company. Combining a mixture of classic old west saloon imagery with the unique flavor of Park City's mountain heritage, we developed designs for the spirits bottles, a new website and revitalized the High West brand identity.


Reviving the Online Presence of a National Bank

EnerBank Web Design and Development by BWP Communications


Approachable and Professional Web Design

We are proud to announce the launch of the newly designed and developed website for one of America's premier home improvement lenders. EnerBank is a highly specialized bank providing unsecured home improvement lending through strategic business partners and independent contractors throughout the United States.

EnerBank engaged BWP to revive their online brand and create an approachable, professional presence with the directive, "we do not want to look like a bank". While their direct primary audiences are contractors and sponsors, the messaging, marketing approach and visual presentation had to resonate with consumers who invariably visit the site to validate the lender ultimately financing their project. The client also required specifically tailored advertising and marketing solutions to more effectively communicate with their business customers.

We listened. And performed.

Clean Design, Strategic Messaging, Innovative Thinking

Utilizing crisp, clean design, strategically crafted messaging, content written with a tone that resonates specifically with desired audiences, and CMS programming with seamless pixel perfect implementation, BWP has created a corporate web environment that will change the way the banking industry presents itself online. We're proud to be the advertising agency of record for EnerBank USA.

Yee-Haw Pickle Co.

Naturally Delicious Packaging

Yee Haw Packaging Design and Company Rebrand by BWP Communications


Creative Packaging for YeeHaw Pickles

BWP brought Yee-Haw Pickle Company to life with a complete redesign of their retail packaging. "Hot Damn" and "No Frills" are the respective names of their best-selling dills and a good description of how we handled the packaging redesign. Hot Damn good design with No Frills, just the essence of the brand.

The Importance of Brand Essence

As a strategic advertising agency, attention to detail and a design theme to reference locally sourced Utah produce was the goal of our new packaging solution for YeeHaw Pickle. Much like the folks at YeeHaw, BWP is a small-batch solution provider, devoted to helping locally-owned manufacturing and sustainable agriculture. The result is naturally delicious pickles surrounded by naturally delicious packaging.

Prudential Real Estate

Everyone Needs Rock-Solid Support

Prudential Realestate Ad Campaign by BWP Communications


What's Your Rock?

Maybe it's your love of music, or your family or your passion for the great outdoors. But when you're engaged in an important decision like finding a new home (or selecting an advertising agency), you need rock solid support. That's how we helped Prudential convey their message, "Solid as a Rock." We put a new and creative spin on old message that helped build and promote brand equity for Prudential Utah Real Estate. Let us be your rock!

Integrated Communications for Prudential

The biggest financial decision most of us make is buying or selling our primary residence. Serving as the advertising agency of record for Prudential Real Estate, we developed advertising campaigns, marketing strategies and a new online presence to promote the 125 year-old messaging that Prudential is now, always has been and will ever be "Your Rock" for support, information and representation.

Bringing Clarity to Business Thinking

Deeper Insights Through Ethnographic Research

Customers engage with brands when the offering fulfills their needs and is inspired by what they love and value. Through an array of integrated research solutions, especially ethnography, we help clients make more informed business decisions about their marketing and advertising campaigns. Deeper connections with customers along with transparency and meaning in messaging, advertising, marketing and product development is the end result.

EnvironmentHow and where do your users interact with your service or product? Observing and understanding how users engage with your brand in their natural environment is invaluable for making your offerings more user-friendly.

EmotionsPowerful brands as well as successful products and services appeal to users' aspirations and evoke positive emotions. We learn about your users' emotions, needs and passions to help you develop a brand that excites and inspires.

Behaviors"Actions speak louder than words." That is why we specialize in observing impulses and behaviors rather than asking about attitudes. Our work is inspired by actions and that translates into actionable tactics for your company.

Habits"We become what we repeatedly do." Knowing about your customers' habits can help you incorporate your offerings into their daily routine and make them an integral part of their day. Finally, your products/services and customers become inseparable because habits are hard to break.

ExperiencesWhat is your customer's experience when they engage with your company? Are there any barriers or hurdles that prevent them from having a quality experience? We work to develop empathy with your customer, then identify the barriers and help you eliminate them.

ActivitiesKnowing about your customers' activities can help you expand, innovate and adjust your offerings to your customers' needs. We discover areas of user activity where you can engage with your customer in new and more meaningful ways.

CultureCustomers engage with brands and products that are consistent with their cultural background. We immerse ourselves in your customers' culture in order to help you create offerings that are culturally relevant.

ValuesSuccessful brands share values with their customers. Our research objective is to understand your customers' values and help you align your brand more cohesively with what your customers genuinely care about.

Emotion Maps, Personas and Behaviors

We gain deep insights into what makes your brand compelling, and what makes your customers engage with your products and services through in-depth, qualitative research. Using that data, along with vast experience and informed judgment, we create emotion maps, customer personas and behavior patterns to identify key attributes, benefits and values that drive customer engagement.

User Experience Design Research

Our user experience design research provides insights and ideas to make your products, services or websites more competitive, more innovative, and more in line with what your customers really need and value. This kind of post-launch research increases interactions with your customers and improves the effectiveness of your communication strategies.

Integrated Research Methodologies

We utilize a fully integrated research process to bring target segments to life, humanize statistics, and invigorate product development and communications efforts. Our proven research protocol involves:

BWP's integrated research solutions bring clarity to business intelligence and decision-making, resulting in deeper customer relationships built through successful marketing, advertising and communications initiatives. Call us and find out how we can help you!